Mobility Magazine – it’s the biggest magazine in Poland dedicated to widely understood issues of mobile technologies.

Tests, advices, actual trends which rules the IT market, that’s only few of the many parts of Mobility. Mobility it has been on the Polish market for already 13 years and thanks to the wide distribution reaches people from the IT market but also to the people who are interested in buying a new phone, tablet or other gadgets.

Mobility is evolving together with the latest technological trends. All articles are based on the latest solutions like house and office ecosystem. Moreover we are writing about applications for all operating platforms. We cooperate with experienced journalists, hobbyists, who are eagerly interested in modern devices, such as PC’s, notebooks, navigations, accessories and gadgets. They provide the readers with up-to-date tests, pieces of advice and trends in new technologies. Each issue of Mobility contains materials about GSM, PDAs, laptops, etc. We also inform about the developing segments of fixed-line and Internet telephony.

Specialized journalists are showing how’s devices are working basing on service providers and companies specialized in providing the latest technologies needed for daily life.


Distribution and promotion

The magazine is available in best distribution chains, such as: KOLPORTER, RUCH, EMPIK, INMEDIO,RELAY, TRAFFIC CLUB. One can also subscribe 6 or 12 issues. For sales representatives of the biggest companies we distribute the magazine for free. Our regular basis cooperation with: CHIP, GAZETA PRAWNA, POLSTAT TV, ONET, Interia, Gadu Gadu and WP.